Wine, Dine, I Don’t Have Time

By Nicole

Oh, hell no.

I can’t even find time to sleep for more than 8 hours a night. I don’t have time for this.

Humor me, though.

Courtesy of Something Turquoise

Look how fetch! Do you know how bad I want these little bubbies in my apartment cabinet!?

Wine nights are a very well-established commonality in my South Court Street apartment. We use giant ones (of course), but they’re plain Jane. No pizazz. And I’d like to think I have pizazz. As a PR major, I can clearly plan a party. A killah pahty (British accent there). So why not have killah wine glasses? My thoughts, exactly.

But look at this list of how to do it! It’s just too much.

According to Something Turquoise, here’s what you’ll need:

Champagne glasses (gee…who-da thunk it? They say Ikea and Michael’s have el inexpensivo wine glasses)

-Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Craft Paint in glitter (It has to be Martha Stewart, guys. Like, an off-brand just won’t work. #Sarcastic)

Foam Pouncers…from –drum roll– MARTHA STEWART!

OK, I wouldn’t buy name brand, but that’s just me.

El Directionos (I don’t know why I’m being all Spanish-y today; I don’t even know Spanish):

-Clean glasses with alcohol and let completely dry

-Put the glitter paint in a cup and take your “pouncer” (lol) and dab the base of the glass (or wherever you want the glitter) to achieve the look you want

Courtesy of Something Turquoise (linked elsewhere)

-If you want a letter or a sharp-edged design, look at this picture below, and use your brain to understand what to do (I shouldn’t have to type it here. And if you needed that, then find another project to do because you’re too incompetent for this one.)

Courtesy of Something Turquoise

(*Obviously remove the tape and letter when you’re done. AFTER it’s dry.)

You can really do this any way you want. Just experiment, because even if you try to make it like the pictures above, it probably won’t look that good. Just saying. So, what’s your incentive, you ask? The point is that no one else you know is going to have these, and you’re gonna look like you have a crafty side. (Golf clap.) So putting some pizazz into your wine nights is do-able.

I also think this is a great 21st birthday present idea. I might actually do that, except most of my friends are already 21. Actually all of them are.

So f-ck it. After all, if I REALLY want a pretty wine glass, that’s what Pottery Barn is for.

[All photos, instructions and ideas came from]